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ETTI Typical Applications

ETTI's products include, but are not limited to:

  • coextrusion dies
  • small diameter tubing, either dies or tubing head pin & bushings
  • profile dies
  • sheet dies
  • crosshead dies
  • cap stocking dies
  • window profile dies
  • metal embedment dies
  • multi-lumen tooling thru tubing head pin and bushings
  • crosshead for medical tubing applications thru head pin & bushings (can split or make if needed)
  • wood composite profiles
  • plastic lumber
  • foam profile dies
  • profile sizing
  • high speed hollow sizing
  • vacuum sizing
  • dry or post form sizing
  • adaptors
  • breaker plates
  • rollers

Design Process
ETTI only engineers tooling designed and manufactured with you in mind and customized to your application, we take into consideration the following during the design process:

We will construct your Die, Sizing or Calibrator from the material of your choice (Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Brass and other materials are availiable), or we can recommend the proper material based upon the application, thermoplastic characteristics and budget requirements.

We will design you a tool based on your job size (hard production or prototype tools).

We will design you a tool to match your extruder, down stream equipment and make it work best to fit your floor's layout.

We will design you a tool that will allow you to produce a high quality part that will run within excellent tolerances at line speeds.

We will design you a tool that will facilitate quick change overs and easy cleaning; because we know if those extruders are not running, you are not satisfying your deadlines.